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My drawingMy drawingMy drawingMy drawingMy drawingMy drawingMy drawingMy drawingMy SketchMy SketchMy SketchMy Sketch our homehopemy grandchildBeing happy rightnow, pleasesmileNot only this yearnot parmentent a HandHurtful/ helpfulFowardHoneworkRoseThey are on the borderThank youDawn after mid nightShool, that essentail for themI am alone but not lonelyTha Nut KharDuring hidingLoveLotusYangon where we liveThis is our tearm Mobile marketBurmese MigrantYangonBeautifulFlowerGood MorningStarvingLightOnce upon a time, but The DancersThe Land ( where mothers have cried )To Mom and............Worked, Still work, will need to work alsoIn the other landRohingya Girl ... ( Myanmar Traditional Tha Nut Khar )I don't want my family  always works hardI love to work. I have to work.If you see my grandson, tell him that he can come back nowI don’t want that my parents are working hard all the timeRun !The food is always tasty.Let it be.I don't like weekendI am from Burma ( Myanmar )I don;t like queue, but I need toThis is my Paradise We have school., we have class., we have teacher,..But..........................Better not at nightI do know only Thirsty,   I don't care the water is clean or notEven though  I have tried my bestYes, They are Alcohol When I am oldSchool ?DawnPleasechange ?I don'tBurnI do hope.   .. next yearHow?Maung Maung Tinn calendar 2003Maung Maung Tinn calendar 2003It has been changed ?Not This TimeI hopeComfuseI am waiting for...It shatters my hopes for my childRights on Show 2008HelplessI am worried for themWe do not want to become adultParis ExhibitionDignity… lost?No!A new home in a new place, againGoodbye…My schoolWhile hiding in the jungle…It is very deliciousLet me take a rest for a while, … pleaseWhere is the future?Poverty, fear, hiding, are always in my lifeLet them exist together61Please… a safe placeTo smileI really want that my baby sleeps between mom and dad in peaceful surroundingsAway from home.......foreverAnything which has been in an unsafe situation, no longer existsHelpHomesickRain...please stop!Speak alone, eat alone, and live aloneHe has goneHe is in combat where there is always violence, instead of at home where it is always warm with family, or at school where there is hope for the futurMotherUncertain futureThe leaves and shoots are being cut away...The ceasefire is killing usShe must move out of her village when ordered. She has no choiceThey always remember the day of his landmine injuryThey live on the road, they eat on the road and they sleep on the roadLet them smile in their home.... foreverJust for my daughterOftenThe world is too small for usWho is to blame?In their foodFurther awayWhere?People who have to stay in another country illegally shouldn’t have to live without human rightsShe must sleep with the risk of rape, killing, kidnapping, illness every nightI would like to return to my native land, Burma, before I dieWe know that we are living illegally in this country as migrant workers, but we have no choiceI never thought before that I would have to leave my homelandFear, Hunger, and FatigueMum said that we are now out of danger so we can make as much noise as we wantTiredEach morning we wake up to the foul smell of garbageI don’t have to worry about finding a snackThese children are in their own country as prisoners, but the wall of their prison is not concretePlease, wait for him to grow upThey must eat as soon as the meal is cookedCan it be healed?The night is very dark...No more nightmares, pleaseBehind a nice front wallHow can I fulfil the expectations of my family?Let them smile until they understand the situation in their countryReady to go...Because they live in Burma, the time to go to school is occupied by going to work in the market, to help their families’ income.I do not want my son’s life to be like mineBecauseFew people care about their health, education or safety.