Rain...please stop!
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+ Comments Rain...please stop! - 2008-05-02 22:04:26
It has been raining so much since we left our village. We took very few personal possessions with us. To escape an attack by the government army is more important than material goods. I only have a piece of plastic to protect me and my child from the rain. The rain is heavy and it is not enough to cover us. We are soaked right through. My child’s lips are becoming blue and I am getting cold as well. I do not worry about myself freezing, but I do for my son. He is so young. Although the villagers know that we can keep warm with a fire, they are afraid to make one as then the army can see where we are. The large trees around us could shelter us from the rain, but there could be landmines there. So I depend on this small sheet of plastic. Normally rain is welcomed by us farmers, but right now I wish it would go away. It is threatening the life of my child. By MMT