Speak alone, eat alone, and live alone
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+ Comments Speak alone, eat alone, and live alone - 2008-05-02 22:03:49
He needed to leave home because he wanted to escape a situation where there was no freedom to speak, to think or to believe. He met other people who had the same ideas for the future of Burma. He believed that using weapons to fight the government was one of the ways to save his people from many kinds of torture. He went to the frontline, often. Then, a terrible event occurred in his life and it has stayed with him permanently. He lost one of his eyes and one of his arms. At the beginning he tried to understand what had happened to him. But after a month, his mind became separate from his body, out of control. Now he smiles alone, he speaks alone, he is angry alone, and he complains alone. Will he still be alive when his country, Burma, is peaceful? Will he meet his family again? Will he recognise his family if he sees them? By MMT