Uncertain future
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+ Comments Uncertain future - 2008-05-02 22:00:54
They were born in a poor country. They grew up in a poor country. But they can not live the rest of their life in the poor country where they were born. Political turmoil and economic crisis forced them to flee from their native land. They do not have official status in the country where they now live. They stay as illegal people and their lives are uncertain. They are not in a strong position when faced with legal problems. Meanwhile, people in their community talk about “resettlement to a third country”. They do not really understand what resettlement will mean for them, where the third country is, or what the people there are really like. They do not have any idea how to prepare for life in another community. But they still apply to go. Right now, they are in a transit centre and are waiting to leave. But still they do not know exactly where they will go. How long do they need to wait? By MMT