The world is too small for us
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+ Comments The world is too small for us - 2008-05-02 21:50:31
When the rain stopped, the events that filled our lives with fear came to us. In winter it is easier to travel than in the rainy season, and it is time for the sound of gunfire to start. Unhappily, the only solution to our problem was to leave our home forever. The place we left was threatened and unsafe. Now, we are away from the situation that made us afraid and forced us to run and hide. This area is safer than the place we were before, but it might not always be so. Our stay here is only temporary. We must move again soon to another place on the other side. That makes us nervous. Many people have already gone there before us. There, people do not need to worry about food, shelter or safety. But everything over there will be new for us. New soil, new community and new society will be waiting for us, strangely. We must live inside a compound surrounded by fear and uncertainty. We will not be allowed to go out from there. Nobody knows how long we will have to stay there. By MMT