Who is to blame?
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+ Comments Who is to blame? - 2008-05-02 21:49:30
The girl does not have a lot of time to play as she has to take care of her younger sister who gets sick frequently. Their father left them when he found out his wife had an incurable disease. Their neighbours also visit less than before. Their mother is unhappy. She learned that she had the disease when she went to a health centre for prenatal care. She took tablets to fight the disease, however they were not for her, they were for her baby in her womb. She could not continue to take them after delivery. Even though she took the medication, her younger daughter still became infected. Right now they both do not receive treatment because they are illegal residents and they are not also infected with tuberculosis. It is good that they were educated about the disease to prevent its spread to other people. However they now understand that without treatment they will have a short life. It creates a situation of helplessness and despair. Without treatment, many more will die, leaving behind many orphans. By MMT