In their food
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+ Comments In their food - 2008-05-02 21:48:30
These children’s parents have worked since they were married. Especially their father. He works every day. He has done so many different kinds of job. Even though he tries to improve his family’s life by working without rest, it is not enough. His family is deeply in dept. Their mother learned a little bit about how to prepare nutritious food, but she cannot manage that. She must make the meal with whatever arrives in the kitchen, depending on her husband’s income on that day. She needs to try to forget what she knows about nutrition while cooking or she will be too sad. They can eat a meal with meat only one or two times in a month. Most of the time they must be satisfied with vegetables instead. Other times they eat only chilli and salt with their rice. In the family, no one wants to think how many times they have eaten only chilli and salt with their rice. By MMT