Fear, Hunger, and Fatigue
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+ Comments Fear, Hunger, and Fatigue - 2008-05-02 16:54:12
Normally children are energetic and easily excited. But the children who are born along the Thai-Burma border are not. When villagers hear news that Burmese soldiers are coming to attack their village, they run away and hide in the jungle. While in hiding, they are unable to find food regularly. Often they eat only rice with salt and chilli, but no curry. They also get sick easily, especially the children and the elderly. Malaria and diarrhoea are common illnesses, with no treatment available. But they are afraid to leave the jungle as long as the soldiers are near their village. Children are sensitive and easily impressed. The experience of having to run and hide in the jungle is vivid in their minds for a long time afterwards. They have trouble concentrating, and this affects their education. The fear, hunger and fatigue that they have endured have implications not only for today, but also for their future. By MMT