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+ Comments Ready to go... - 2008-05-02 15:29:48
Nobody in my family likes to use cosmetics, including me. But I must use them because of my job. There are people of many ages in my job. 16 is the youngest and 24 is the oldest that I know. Near the border most of my friends are not educated people. But some of the girls coming from inside Burma are intelligent girls from high schools, companies and even university. Of course nobody wants to be like this. Also I don’t want to be. There are many kinds of character among the guests: some are so crazy and stupid. But we cannot complain about them. They often don’t like to use condoms. But we must allow for that, otherwise we will lose our job. I am paid very little and half goes to the owner. I am not happy, but I must continue this life to provide an income for my family and for my younger brother’s education. By MMT